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41. Unfoolish

Local news and good ole racism never gets old. This week Kim Janey is being a fool trying to rush people back to work. Anansi the spider is polling ahead of everyone with Wu right behind her. The UNC Board of Trustees are full of racist that denied the creator of the 1619 project Nikole Hannah-Jones tenure at UNC’s journalism school. Rick Santorum thinks Native American did nothing when it comes to American culture. OHHH and there is a Jim Crow creek, canyon, and road somewhere in Cali named after a native Hawaiian man whose name def wasn’t Jim.

It's Like A Podcast Or Whatever

S07 E04 The Black Cartoon Character Fantasy Draft

Yes. We are still borrowing the AFE concept. Please don’t sue us. Handsome Bane is joined by friend of the pod and real life hero, Aubrey Loveman (aka @unfriendlyblerdhottie) and Hyphen Podcast Group co-defendent, @showinmadlov (We Should Do This Again Sometime film pod). The three of them come together to draft EIGHTEEN Black animated characters. Who would you pick? Who did we forget? Don’t yell at your phone! Yell at us on social media! @ila_pow on Twitter AND IG

Love, Trust and Belief

Rasslecast Power Hour

He’ll Call The Cops feat. @camerondawson3871

For tonight’s main event, we have another champion on the show! A NXT-Shirt Champion, but a champion nonetheless! Cameron Dawson joins the best tag team in podcast history to talk Cam’s wrestling backstory. Then, Cam damn near runs THE GAUNTLET by himself, and then we induct a certain someone who can make you feel like a million bucks with one point of his finger! And yes, Undertaker will call the cops on you. This is fact.

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40. Big Mistake

Episode 40 is here and boy do we have news for y’all! First it has been a year since the murder of George Floyd may he rest in peace and man do politicians not know when to quit. In talking about politicians, our hate train of Jon Santiago and John Barros continue for being fools. The Mass Black and Latino caucus not caucusing enough. Lot of mofos vaccinated and lot more gonna get vaccinated before end of summer. Lastly Kyrie and Mark Ruffalo being a hoe.

Soapbox. Presented By ILaPoW

Life Style not a Trend Pt. 2 feat. Deondré Kennard, Yvel Joseph, Thierry Desir, Shellian Heredia & Al- Rahim Williams

Please join us for another episode of the Soapbox Podcast with host Michael Lamerique ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/ACoAAAVnPpgB5KYSjQoLkDA8WarQJyN1HlT3U1U ). We continue our topic of “Fitness and Nutrition…Life style not a Trend”. Our panelists include: Deondré Kennard, Certified Trainer. Yvel Joseph, MS, CPT, CLC, Professional Fitness, Performance & Life Coach/USATF Certified Level 1 Track & Field Coach. Thierry Desir, Physician Assistant. Shellian Heredia, Vegan Expert. Al- Rahim Williams, 500 RYT Certified Vinyasa Yoga instructor

The Shred Head Podcast

S03 E15 Professor Curry

For the second year in a row, Steph Curry has been taken out of Playoff contention in the National BA. So why does Steph still get Saki’s vote for MVP? Paul Mooney receives his final flowers. Saki implores you not be a dick. Shredcommendation and KING KWAME BROWN is still the number one draft pick 20 years later.

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