Rasslecast Power Hour

Steve Blackman Said Quiet feat. @showinmadlov

This episode is nothing like any other Rasslecast episode before it. The best tag team in the podcast game pulls the curtain back and a wild Marcus Robinson appeared! The fellas spent some time tearing down New Jack, talking about Cody’s way off promo, drafting The Rock’s best movies, and dealing with random visits from Cody Luther King Jr. and Barry OBeezy Obama.

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39. Masks

RIP to the comedy god Paul Mooney! Masks mandates will be disappearing soon and yea we are going to see how that works out. BPD is in more mess and somehow it appears the Boston Police Department cannot be trusted, wow shocking. Conflict continues between Israel and Palestine and Biden tells then to stop it and take a time out. Kenya Barris and Eva Longaria are criminals trying to make Brownish a thing.

Soapbox. Presented By ILaPoW

Life Style not a Trend Pt. 1 feat. Deondré Kennard, Yvel Joseph, Thierry Desir, Shellian Heredia & Al- Rahim Williams

Please join us for another episode of the Soapbox Podcast with host Michael Lamerique ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/ACoAAAVnPpgB5KYSjQoLkDA8WarQJyN1HlT3U1U ). Our topic this time is “Fitness and Nutrition…Life style not a Trend”. Our panelists include: Deondré Kennard, Certified Trainer. Yvel Joseph, MS, CPT, CLC, Professional Fitness, Performance & Life Coach/USATF Certified Level 1 Track & Field Coach. Thierry Desir, Physician Assistant. Shellian Heredia, Vegan Expert. Al- Rahim Williams, 500 RYT Certified Vinyasa Yoga instructor

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38. Joke Biden/Budden

Boston bike life drama continues and we are suddenly supposed to care about the zoo animals now. The government is taking your grandma’s menthols and your flavored backwoods away! Joe Biden and Joe Budden are both trash and should be erased. Bennifer is a thing again? Free Palestine!

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37. Bike Life

After a quick hiatus we are back per usual we start with the sad RIP Black Rob, Mikayla Miller, and Terence Clarke. In Boston people lost their mind over bikes and Dominicans blasting music at Franklin Park for the past week. We found out some interesting Boston election tea through the live comments. Internationally bringing light to the horrible situation in India due to covid, and week long protest in Colombia. Then the biggest news of the night that Ben Affleck is truly a thirsty boi, OH and Bill AND Melinda gates are now single.

Rasslecast Power Hour

Working Yourself Into A Shoot feat. @SuperFanComShow

Retro Ric is in the house for the first half of what turned into a real slobberknocker of a recording session! Handsome Bane and B Hyphen don’t fight as much as they check off the boxes for how Ric got into wrestling and run THE GAUNTLET. Then, they begin the first RCPH Royal Rumbowl (see It’s Like A Podcast Or Whatever for previous Rumbowls) for their favorite entrance themes! Retro Ric and the best tag team in podcasting will be back with the final results next week!